Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Services

When it comes to hotels or motels, cleanliness is the main indicator of how well your property is received by the guests.

THLux Hospitality Cleaning provide a comprehensive cleaning services to hotels and motels who seek to outsource their cleaning needs. We are family run business with a reputation of delivering a first class cleaning services.

THLux Hospitality Cleaning provides cleaning services to hotels, motels, resorts, restaurants, building owners, and other hospitality facilities in Ontario.

Our commercial hospitality cleaning specialists will work to keep your hotel’s/motel’s hall, restrooms, restaurants, and other common areas clean and welcoming.

At THLux Hospitality Cleaning we invite you to customize a cleaning program with us that will always make you proud of the clean, safe and inviting environment your hotel is offering to your guests.

With THLux Hospitality Cleaning your hotel will always receive a 5-star janitorial service. Your guests will love clean, taken care rooms and facilities.

Guests are always sensitive to both the noise and the cleanliness of a hotel, two important elements that influence their decision on whether or not they will become a regular customer of your hotel. At THLux Hospitality we offer hotel/motel cleaning service that respect the comfort of your guests while maintaining a clean, hospitable environment that encourages them to make your hotel their number one choice. Special attention is given to carpets and floors with carpet care and special floor care programs to make sure your hotel always looks its best. All services are done on a specified time frame, with unparalleled attention to detail.

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